Thousands of people still own thousands of CD’s. Some even prefer playing a physical disc, rather than streaming, when really enjoying their audio system. We have a range of players to cover all needs.

There are no lack of CD-players, but nowadays most of them are trying to be “everything”. They should play SACD, have digital inputs, support DSD and perhaps even have an app and a headphone jack. The problem is that these functionalities not only drive up the cost, but actually reduce the sound quality when playing CD. For years, we wanted to do something about that. And finally it is here… The Mohican – for people who want the best from their CD’s.

A dedicated CD-Player using the very latest in digital processing – adapted for CD-only. The results are astonishing. Several years ago, when high resolution streaming was in its infancy (but rising), a team from Hegel had a revelation. Listening to a CD-rig, they realized that there was a lot left in CD. From that moment, there was a never ending debate in their office. Should they go all out and make that final – phenomenal – player? The name was the first thing they decided. It had to be called the Mohican, as in the novel “The Last of the Mohicans”.

It is a true CD-player, using original CD-drive mechanisms from Sanyo, updated with our own designed servo boards. It has the newest and best DAC chips, working in native 16 bit/44.1 kHz resolution. It has the best clock mechanism they have ever designed. They use their patented SoundEngine to control the clock, forcing jitter down to levels never reached before. Perhaps the lowest in the world. But let us not bury ourselves in the technical details. What does it do for you? It plays magically natural. It sings… fluid and with great temperament, where needed. Compared to any other digital device we have heard, it simply plays without “edges” in the sound. Almost analog. Do you dare to listen?

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