SME Model 10 Turntable

£4650.00 (currently £6196)

Always wanted to own an SME Turntable? We’ll here is your chance.

This is our ex display SME 10, complimented by the superb M10 pickup arm designed specifically for this deck. Easy and accurate adjustment allows the fitting of many great cartridges to suit the individual taste. The SME detachable headshell also makes for ease of cartridge fitting or cartridge swap.

It’s small footprint makes it easy to accommodate and allows the Model 10 power supply to sit neatly beside the deck. Speeds are adjusted by the push of a button and the power supply allows 78rpm for those who have that requirement.

Our SME 10 is in excellent condition and comes with full original packaging and accessories.

We stock the full range of SME Turntables. Please contact us for more details on any of the SME products, New or ex demonstration.



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Used – VPI Scout 2 Turntable


Just arrived in, a lovely example of this great little deck.

The VPI Scout 2 is a wonderful neutral platform from which to play your records. Solid construction and typical American V8 engineering gives fantastic vibration isolation. This along with adjustable decoupling feet provides a splendid platform for the legendary JMW Memorial unipivot arm to track the grooves securely.

The neutral balance and fine arm allow for a wide range of cartridge types and allows the deck to throw a huge sound stage no matter what type of music you are enjoying. It has pace and dynamics which are hard to find in decks which are a lot more expensive. Fine tuning of the arm is easy as is the set up, placement equally so. The connection is made from the junction box at the rear of the deck enabling the use of many different cables. This can also be changed to XLR output for those with balanced phono stages. This particular deck has had Dynavector DrT XV -1s for it’s lifetime which I think speaks volumes for it’s ability.

One very careful owner from new, the Scout 2 comes with full packaging and accessories.

Please call for further details.

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