21 June 2012    |    Promotions

Linn Products and Totem Acoustic Music Streaming Open Evening, Thursday 28th June, Glasgow

The Glasgow shop is having a music streaming open evening in conjunction with Linn Products and Totem Acoustic.
Music streaming has really taken hold of the public consciousness, and Linn have been at the forefront.
Linn pioneered the process of digital streaming, and were one of the first hi-fi companies to fully embrace the performance and convenience benefits of this technology.
Linn don’t limit their systems  -  or your music collection  -  by building storage into them. A Linn system will play any music in almost any format  from any computer or hard drive in your home or on your network  –  as well as online content too. Browse your entire music collection and create playlists using iPad, tablet PC, laptop, Android or iPhone, and also access your iTunes library, Napster, Spotify or YouTube.
With four streamers in the range from the Sneaky DS at £1,000, to the reference Klimax DS at £12,995, there is definitely a Linn DS to suit everyone.
We’ll have a full Linn Klimax system playing – including their 350p passive loudspeakers, and we’ll also be playing systems through a range of great sounding Totem Acoustic loudspeakers elsewhere in the shop.
So whether you are a newcomer to music streaming or a seasoned professional – come along and hear just how amazing your music can sound!
Our staff will be on hand to answer all your streaming questions.
Loud & Clear Glasgow, Thursday 28th of June between 4pm and 8pm.