3 July 2012    |    Music


Starting out as the bedroom side project of some restless musicians in Portland, Oregon I can only assume that Grails now inhabits not only the rest of the house, but the garden (including the shed) as well. To say that they are an extremely eclectic and prolific bunch would be underplaying it a little. As would labelling their particular brand of instrumental music, post-rock.
With no care for convention, each album is a unique blend of eastern influenced-ambient-experimental-psychedelic-folk-jazz and I imagine record shops find it difficult to categorise them. Live, they truly are an experience and manage to create an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped in a lovely big blanket of sound. And all with the added entertainment of watching various band members switching instruments in between (and during) pieces. I wonder what their day jobs are like…?
Discover the Holy Grail at https://www.grailsongs.com/
(via Lilacs & Champagne – yet another side project)