Southside Demonstration Suites Linn Akubarik system

9 June 2022

Ultimate Upgrades #1 – Linn Akubariks, Akudoriks and Exakt

Welcome to the first in Loud & Clear’s Ultimate Upgrades blog, where we’ll help you make your music system sound better. We’ll take systems from Linn, Naim, Moon, dCS, Rega et al and apply the Ultimate Upgrade treatment to dramatically improve the audio performance of each.

What this will do for you, dear listener, is get you even deeper into your music and broaden that smile on your face😊.

We’re kicking things off with the Linn Akubarik Exakt system…


18 March 2021

Home Office Top Tips

Lockdown has its advantages: more time for home improvements, more time for music, less commuting, more time at home. But it has also highlighted the limitations of many an ad hoc Home Office. Here, Loud & Clear turn our tech and audio expertise to illustrating some simple ways to improve and, dare we say it, enjoy Home Office life!

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