2 May 2012    |    New products

Tiger Paw Khan Top Plate Upgrade For Linn LP12

After hearing all the internet chatter about the super new top plate for Linn’s iconic Sondek LP12 from new company, Tiger Paw, we have finally got our hands on one!
This is an impressive piece of engineering, machined from a solid piece of alloy billet, it weights the same as the original top plate, but is far stiffer and importantly – inert. There is no more ringing!
Not only does this provide an accurate and stable platform from which to suspend the sub chassis but it also provides a significant reduction in the amount of energy from the motor reaching the sub chassis and main bearing.
Which leads to a big improvement over the stock top plate. The bass was far tighter, and the whole presentation seemed more natural and detailed.
Also included is a new cross brace that is machined from the same material, and features standing wave reduction grooves as can be seen on the top plate.
A very worthwhile upgrade we would say, and at a good price point too.
The Khan package retails at £795.
Please get in touch with Iain or John in Edinburgh and Ian in Glasgow for more information.
For more information: www.tiger-paw.com