6 September 2016    |    New products

The Philospohy of Plato…

Do you love your vinyl but also adore the convenience of swiping your finger to listen to your next tune? Yearn to download, store and playback high-res audio and video? Then let us introduce Plato.
A brand new toy that is getting us here at Loud & Clear rather excited (again). A complete audio and video player and streamer that will rip, tag and store not just your CDs and movies, but your vinyl collection too. Seriously.
Step forward Plato, from Convert Technologies (previously Entotem). With the ability to import digital music and movie collections, record and recognise live vinyl, CD, DVD and tape sources and download high resolution music to its internal drive, then simultaneously stream video to any smart TV or tablet in the house and play music to multiple rooms, Plato is a powerful addition to any home.
Top of the range is Plato Class A, featuring a unique class A amplifier, MM/MC phono stage, and 2TB of storage. Entry level is the stripped back Plato Lite, with its unique streaming and recording capabilities. With options to suit every system, regardless of collection format and equipment, it is easy to envisage one working in your home.
As Convert’s only Reference Partner in Scotland, Loud & Clear are in the unique position of being able to demonstrate the entire Plato range alongside the usual selection of high-end hi-fi in our stores.