5 February 2015    |    Music

The Parlor Mob (3)


I’m writing about The Parlor Mob for a third time here (If you missed it and you’re interested, you can read what I wrote here and here). I would really like some help with spreading the word about exactly how good these guys are. And how much they need our support.
As I suspected, they have now confirmed that they are financing third album, ‘Cry Wolf’ themselves. Here’s what they posted on their Facebook page yesterday
Thank you so much everyone who has pre-ordered Cry Wolf already… We’re overwhelmed and extremely appreciative.
Please continue to spread the word… This is our first independent release in a decade, and as we’ve always said, you guys and gals are more powerful than any machine.
To answer a few questions…
1) The February 17th release will be digital only. When you pre-order the album, it will automatically be emailed to you for download in the high quality format of your choosing on the 17th.
2) There 100% WILL be a vinyl version released, but it won’t be ready until the spring. Whether or not there will be a CD version remains to be seen.
3) The album is indeed 5 songs…. And it is indeed a full length. They’re long songs.
We’re going to continue to work hard on new music for you. If you haven’t already, listen to “Dead Man” at https://parlormob.com and visit https://theparlormob.bandcamp.com to pre-order Cry Wolf now.
Thank you so much.
So, please feel free to have a listen, then (hopefully) decide to pay the princely sum of $7 US dollars (or more if you would like to) and pass it onto anyone you think might be interested. Let’s get these guys back to doing what they do best.
Thanks for listening…