30 March 2012    |    New products

The New Generation from Raidho

Hearing is believing

“Raidho Acoustics found all their efforts were rewarded with a musical and aesthetic result matching the highest ambitions.”
Chris Thomas – HiFi+

A new addition to both Edinburgh & Glasgow comes in the form of Raidho. A Danish high end loudspeaker manufacturer.
Raidho Acoustics believe that Hi-fi sound is more than merely fulfilling the requirements of electronic measuring devices. The sound from a very (very) good loudspeaker must first of all fulfil the requirements of our most unique and delicate measuring tools – our hearing and the human brain. During the time developing the Raidho C4, they made improvements in the unit, tweeter, crossover and not least they have upgraded the internal wiring in the speaker cabinet with Nordost Odin and Valhalla cables.
Raidho have transferred these experiences and improvements into the new updated C-series.
Edinburgh have the small but perfectly formed Raidho C1.1 standmount loudspeakers on demonstration while Glasgow have the Raidho C2.1 floorstanding varients.
A must listen, and the only place to hear them outside of the Home Counties!