24 February 2020    |    New products

System One – a complete Rega system for just £999 ?

Rega System One

Rega System One

Revealed at this weekend’s Bristol Hi-fi show, Rega Research’s System One ticks all the boxes:

Rega Planar 1 turntable  ☑  (£250)
New Rega IO amplifier  ☑  (£379)
New Rega Kyte bookshelf loudspeakers  ☑  (£429)
3m pair Rega speaker cable (terminated)  ☑

All for under a grand. Seriously – £999 gets you a complete turntable hi-fi system from one of the giants of turntable design.

Rega Planar 1 is without doubt the best entry level turntable around so a great source to build the system around. Enter IO integrated amplifier (a mini BrIO, geddit?) with internal moving magnet phono stage, add new Kyte bookshelf loudspeakers, throw in some terminated speaker cable and you have a complete and pretty awesome turntable-based hi-fi system.

It was sounding fantastic at Bristol, production starts next month and our demo system should arrive late March.

Watch this space (and Facebook) for news.