3 August 2020    |    Latest, Promotions

Introducing Loud & Clear’s Summer Sizzlers!

loud & clear summer sizzler offers

Introducing Loud & Clear’s Summer Sizzlers! It’s gonna be a scorcher ?.

We’re running our very own Summer promotion this year; think of it as a little reward for enduring 2020 so far! Some incredible products landed this year, though many have been overshadowed by unfortunate world events. So we’re presenting them to you in our Summer Sizzlers: incredible music systems and products with incentives to match.
We’ve put together some sizzling bundles that could bag you over £2000 of savings.

Throughout August and September we’ll present killer systems and products, with a focus on Analogue for August and Streaming for September. We’ve enhanced these with carefully selected, complementary and complimentary upgrades to keep you up and listening through the long hot summer nights.

If you don’t see the system/product of your dreams in our recommendations, or want to substitute a component part, don’t wait – we’re flexible, just call us on 0141 221 0221.

You’re welcome to combine offers throughout the promotion, and of course interest free credit remains available on all orders over £1000.  The promotion runs until 30th September 2020. So let’s get straight to it: first up, Analogue August.

Analogue System Sizzler
Rega Planar 8, Aria, Aethos, B&W 705 Signature, Chord cabling.
Save £1,148

Rega’s new “skeletal” Planar 8 instantly became a design icon when it launched in 2018. With audio performance and ease of use to match it has become our best selling turntable within its sector. Rega Neo psu is included and we take the performance further by specifying the Audio Technica 760SLC cartridge and the Rega Aria phono stage to resolve every last drop of musical information from your vinyl.

Rega’s Aethos recently arrived to incredibly stiff competition in the mid-priced integrated amplifier sector; pitched against the Moon 340i and Naim SuperNAIT3 it had to be something special to take a place on the racks at Loud & Clear. Not atypically for Rega, it’s an absolute sonic stunner, presenting your music in an enchanting manner that few other products come close to. It’s build is equally premium, with sleek lines, a gloss fascia and integrated heatsinks adorning the side panels.

Bowers & Wilkins’ 705S2 had our jaws on the floor when we first heard them. For a standmount ‘speaker to extract such warmth and depth from our music left us astonished. And when B&W launched the 705 Signature with upgraded electronics and mechanics, in their unique Datuk Gloss ebony finish, we fell in love all over again. But deeper.

There’s really one choice for a system of this calibre. The new Chord Epic-X range is slightly slimmer than its predecessor while retaining the screening and conductors that made the incumbent such a performer. Epic-X takes things up another gear and allows each of the products in our system to sing in the way their designers intended.

The Rega Aethos amplifier allows for multiple sources, so adding a digital streamer or the sound from your TV or existing equipment is quick and easy. Likewise the turntable can be upgraded with the Dynavector 20X2 moving coil cartridge, or substituted for Rega’s reference Planar 10 or a Linn Sondek LP12.

The System
Taking three “best of breed” products and hooking them together we were of course expecting wonderful results. However, none of us were prepared for what we heard; the sheer synergy that the Rega/B&W/Chord combination hit us with was stunning.

For music to be so tactile; for the recording of a piano that sounds exactly like – a piano.  Allen Toussaint’s American Tunes had us sitting in a smokey club, lamps and brandies on velvet-topped tables, Allen’s keyboard within touching distance. Or the shimmering layers of Lana Del Ray, with her subtle pitch-bends and seismic, gut-wrenching basslines. We couldn’t imagine getting any closer to the music unless standing in her studio booth in L.A.

The Sizzle
This system, including installation, would normally retail for a smidgen over £10,000. We will include the Audio Technica 760SLC cartridge free of charge and Chord Epic-X cabling at the same cost as Shawline-X, reducing the total cost to £9,000 and saving you a sizzling £1148.


Analogue Product Sizzler
Dynavector XX-2 MKII moving coil cartridge
Choose £105 of free Tone Poet vinyl

The XX-2 MKII has become our weapon of choice on higher-end Rega and Linn turntables, fundamentally because it opens a window onto your music like nothing else in its class.  Everything you hear through the XX-2 sounds more real, more familiar and more toe-tapping. What better way to enjoy than by listening to some of our new Tone Poet vinyl?

The Sizzle
When you have an XX-2 fitted (£1295, fitting free of charge) this summer we’ll give you three free Tone Poet albums of your choice.


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Coming next month: September Streams – Digital diamonds from Linn, Naim, MOON by Simaudio and more.