21 August 2020    |    Latest, Promotions

Summer Sizzler #3 – Headphone/amp combo or Souped-up Planar 6

Summer Sizzlers #3

Summer Sizzlers #3

Analogue August continues with our next batch of Summer Sizzlers!

Get free Nordost cabling with our recommended headphone/headphone amp combo – MOON 230HAD + Focal Clear or a free Rega Fono MM phono preamplifier with our souped-up Rega Planar 6 turntable.

Moon 230HAD amplifier with Focal Clear headphones (£1750 + £1399)
The Sizzle – save £400 with our bundle: package includes FREE Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects and a FREE Nordost Blue Heaven mains lead.

The Moon 230HAD’s proposition is simple – complete connectivity for all sources, with amplification capable of driving the most demanding headphones.

If you’ve never experienced the performance of a dedicated headphone system, you really should visit us and hear what you’ve been missing.  Free from the compromises of inbuilt headphone stages, a proper headphone amplifier is built to extract the same level of musical detail and emotion as high-end pre/power amplifiers.  When matched with quality headphones, in the same way we’d match a power amplifier to reference loudspeakers, the results are truly breathtaking.

We’ve picked two stunners which form one of our most popular and compelling headphone systems, and taken them to the next level with Nordost Blue Heaven cabling, included free of charge.  Call us to arrange an audition today.


Rega Planar 6 with Audio Technica VM760SLC (£1050 + £599)
The Sizzle – save £199 with our bundle: package includes a FREE Rega Fono MM phono stage.

A treat for those looking to get deeper into the groove, Rega’s Planar 6 builds on over 40 years of engineering research and is one of the most elegant turntables available today.  Featuring the Rega Neo PSU (offboard power supply) for improved audio performance and switchable 33/45rpm, the deck is as sonically pleasing as it is aesthetically with a lightly tinted dust cover.

Email or call 0141 221 0221 to book a sizzler.