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Steven Irvine

Custom Installer

Steven has almost 20  years experience in high end hi-fi and AV installation and has worked with Loud & Clear for over 10 of them. As an owner of a reference Linn system Steven knows how to squeeze every ounce of performance from each and every system he installs.


Stevie’s One LP is: Frank Zappa – Sheik Yerbouti

“It’s Frank Zappa CD. And the reason I brought this along is because it was the first CD I ever bought for my new separates system.

I couldn’t afford a full separates system so what I bought was a CD player that had a headphone jack and I went home and listened to this on headphones until I could afford an amplifier, and a set of speakers obviously.

So that was the first separates system that I bought and that was the first CD I bought, on the same day.”

William Ellis – So it’s an historic acquisition!

“Yeah – I’m surprised it actually looks so good for it being so old!! (laughs)

It was one of the more of the accessible Zappa things at the time. So it was easy to get into and just some classic tracks on it so you got ‘Baby Snakes’ an’ all that. ‘City of Tiny Lights’ – there’s just a great selection on it.”