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Kevin Trench

Senior Installer

Crack installer, neatness perfectionist and fixer of all-things-technical, Kevin is our man in the field that just makes things work. Optimising complex systems; hidden, seamless integration of miles of cables or impeccable installation of in-wall speakers and on-wall screens, Kevin is the man.

The fittest of our crew, he may even cycle to you on one of his high-tech bikes!


Kevin’s One LP is: Visage – Fade to Grey

“It’s Visage – ‘Fade to Grey’. I first heard it in the 80s when I was very small but even back then it just absolutely blew my mind, I’d never heard anything like it.

The synths, the keyboards – everything about it I just absolutely loved this, the first electronic record I suppose that I ever heard.

90% of what I listen to today you could trace it back to this one track – it’s just unbelievable.

I think it still sounds as amazing today as it did back then.”