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Kenny Trench

Custom Installer

Kenny is the very definition of handyman. He can fix anything, run cables anywhere without visible trace, come up with solutions to the most unsolvable of problems, and all with minimal drama. In short he’s Mr. Fixit. Now an experienced AV installer, he is another music-loving ex-DJ and is seemingly always cheerful. Oh, and he’s Kevin’s dad!


Kenny’s One LP is:  T. Rex – 20th Century Boy

But it was all because of that single, Children of the Revolution. Back in the day…1973 I think it was… actually the single was 1972 .. when I’d have been about 13 or something. Oh this song Children of the Revolution, every time I heard it I thought ‘Who’s this?’ it’s amazing. And I’ve got five big brothers that are all into all different types of music and not one of them introduced me to this.  And I’m going ‘who’s this guy?…who’s this guy?’  Marc Bolan you know. Oh that’s fantastic.

So I just went from there and I think I bought it in Woolies at the time, when Woolies sold singles, and I’ve still got the actual single in the house. That made me buy this album and when you look at the album now it’s got 20th Century Boy on it, Telegram Sam,  Metal Guru, Solid Gold Easy Action. What an album!

That was really the album that made me get into music. It was always second hand music, as I say five big brothers, grew up in quite a poor scheme in Paisley so everything was inherited and the music was inherited. I’ve still got all the records, all my brothers records, I’m the youngest out of six boys. So you can imagine”.

I was always listening to music on my mother’s radiogram.  Music has always been a big part in my life and it wasn’t long after that that I started DJ’ing – youth clubs and things.  I always went into youth clubs when everybody else was getting into trouble.  I had five big brothers so I never really got much trouble, I had my own gang protecting me.

One of my brothers bought a disco system, at the time, off the catalogue. It was a Simms automatic I think. It was an all in one disco package.  We did mobile disco stuff and that’s when that started and we did all the local area, Youth clubs and that.  He just owned the mobile disco but I used to work it, he was just sitting there with a pint.  He’d say ‘On you go’.  It just went from there and I DJ’d all my life up until just three years ago when I retired.  I worked for an agency for forty years, every nightclub…good ones, bad ones, in between. I did all that, so I’ve always been into music. The music I listen to is usually from the 70’s, late 60’s, some of the early 80’s. But Marc Bolan T. Rex in particular really got me thinking I love this sound.

We always had big houses because there was a lot of us, we had four or five bedroom apartments, and so your neighbours there was about ten of them.. it was a ready made party, every weekend.  Every weekend we used to have what you called a record hop.
We’d have a bunch of records and my pals from across the road on a Friday night or whatever.  It was great.  It was great back then.  And that encapsulates that – getting an album and keeping it, you kept it and you kept it well.

I’m a big singles man because of DJ’ing, I’ve got thousands upon thousands of singles. And my son Kevin’s up the stairs .. he’s got half of them in his loft and I’ve got half of them in my loft.  He phoned me yesterday saying ‘do you know where such and such is’ and I said ‘you’ve got it, I know where all my records are’.