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Ian Pirie Loud & Clear

Ian Pirie

High End Sales

Mr. Pirie – the legend, the phenomenon, the complete encyclopaedia of Hi-fi – Ian has forgotten more about Hi-fi equipment than most of us will ever know. Ex-Stereo Stereo manager, Ian saw the light in 2005 and has been with Loud & Clear now for 15 years. Like many of us, his industry journey began working at Linn, where he managed stores. Now Linn manages it’s stores for him!


Ian’s One LP is: Nick Drake – Fruit Tree

“I bought that boxed set over 40 years ago and at £9.00 it was quite a big purchase when I was 17! It’s a record I’ve played regularly over all those 40 years and one I still use to demonstrate turntables today.

The tracks today are still as beautiful.

The box set is ‘Fruit Tree – The Complete Works of Nick Drake’.

I love the tracks from all the albums in the box set – Five Leaves Left, Bryter Later, Pink Moon, Time Of No Reply.

William Ellis – “In a Loud & Clear context, would you say you use it as a reference album when you’re demonstrating equipment?”

Ian Pirie – “I’ve always been trying to play music that means something – it’s the involvement – you know, how special the track is, if I can get that across to customers and what it means to me then that’s the whole point.

I don’t really pick tracks because they’re top production values it’s because the tracks are beautiful and they mean something.”