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Harvey Boyle


The newest member of the Loud & Clear team, joining in 2021, Harvey has single-handedly halved the team’s average age… we love Harvey 😊.

A real live rock star with his own band (he’s the drummer), Harvey has a B.A. (Hons) in Commercial Music and outside of Loud & Clear spends his free time engineering sound for live gigs in Glasgow as well as showcasing artists via his Crowded Flat project and live broadcasts. He is also Keane’s self-professed number one fan… the Loud & Clear jury is out on that one…

Harvey acquired his first Hi-fi system at just 13 years old and has been tinkering and upgrading ever since. It’s clear to see why he fits into our team so well!


Harvey’s One LP is: Rush – Permanent Waves

“I picked Permanent Waves by Rush. This is probably a weird one for me because I only got my first turntable about two weeks ago so I own about ten albums. However, this one is probably of the most special albums ever made, to me.

I first got into music when I was very very young and I initially had very bad taste – not that it’s gotten better! My stepdad came into the picture and opened me up to awesome new music. One of which was Rush, this being the first album that I listened to by Rush and it just kind of signifies a kind of bonding moment in my life, not just between me and my stepdad but kind of a family as a whole so it kind of means a lot to me in that way – and it’s really good!

It’s a perfect album you know, in my head – it’s classic prog-rock – which is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea but luckily it’s mine.”