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George Clegg

Senior Sales

George – IT geek, networking whizz and ex-Linn wizard with shall we say ‘eclectic’ musical taste. From Debussy to Gangsta Rap, his tunes are certainly varied!

George is our man-for-all-systems, our tech support helpline with exceptional IT skills and he can tune a Linn Exakt system better than anyone we know. He’s still beaten hands down every day on tune choices by his 9-year old daughter though!


George’s One LP is: LL Cool J – BAD

“This is LL Cool J and his first LP which is called ‘Bad’, which is an acronym for Bigger and Deffer.

When I was at secondary school I’d exhausted means of annoying my parents – such as Iron Maiden and Def Leppard and Whitesnake and things like that so I needed to raise the bar and hip-hop was the bar to be raised. So the LL Cool J tape actually that I bought, it then took me through Run DMC and got me into a journey that I’m still following to this day in terms of rap and gangsta and hip-hop.

This is were it all began and I played it as you should, on cassette on a Sharp ghetto blaster which you could pick up and carry on your shoulder. That thing ate through D cell batteries in about 25 minutes but they were the best 25 minutes of your life – and being a white boy at a public school in Hampshire – again playing Black rap music made me feel extra rebellious.”