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David Ewing

Turntable Specialist

David joined the Loud & Clear team in 2020, as demand for our turntable upgrades and servicing went through the roof!

A former Rolls Royce engineer and Linn Sondek fanatic, David’s attention to detail and fastidiousness in his work is second to none, as our many LP12 owners will testify.

David is a huge music fan too and definitely one of the most active members of the Sondek LP12’s self-titled Facebook Group😂.


David’s One LP is: David Bowie – Alladin Sane

“It’s David Bowie Alladin Sane. Actually, when I was 9 I got record tokens for Christmas, EMI record tokens and I took them into Lewis’s in Glasgow and purchased this. This started my David Bowie journey and I’m a big fan of and all his material. That album was the start of ‘proper’ music for me.

In my house when I grew up it was Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline – things like that. And the sad thing is as I have matured I’ve actually went back to female jazz type folk so I like that as well.”

William Ellis – Are there any particular tracks on there?

“To me it’s my favourite Bowie ‘cos it’s got Drive-In Saturday, it’s got The Prettiest Star, Lady Grinning Soul.”