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Andrew Pirie

Financial Director

Not your average FD; that’s for sure! Andrew is our Accountant by day, keeping a tight rein on finances but by night is transformed to international superstar DJ and promoter. And somewhere in between finds time to run GrooveLine Records, our disco reissue label, as well as internationally renowned club night, Melting Pot.

Andrew’s One LP is: New Order – Power Corruption and Lies

“This was New Order’s second LP. I’ve had a love of New Order since I was very small after my brother used to play them and he would follow them around. I think he first saw New Order in 1982 or so, around the time of ‘Power Corruption and Lies’ – they were starting to play tracks from that so I would hear New Order and Joy Division, The Cure, Depeche Mode and Talk Talk at home; I was basically brought up with really cool U.K. independent music.

As time’s gone on I still love New Order. ‘Power Corruption and Lies’ is my favourite album just due to the fact that they finally found their voice.

They had ‘Movement’ after Ian Curtis had committed suicide and it was basically them finding their feet playing an album that sounded like Joy Division but it wasn’t quite – ‘Power Corruption and Lies’ is where they found their sound.

It’s a complete album. Quite often albums might have 1 or 2 tracks that are great whereas this album you can listen to from beginning to end; it is a classic album. The artwork is another Peter Saville bit of genius unlike any other album cover.

It’s so New Order in that it has no artist information, I think it’s just got the FAC number – yes just the FAC 75 on the spine, and that’s it.

So if you’re going into a record shop you would never know what it was unless you knew what it was  – so perfect….

It sums up New Order, never doing things the way everybody expects you to: ‘We do our thing’.
I like that idea.”