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Allan Boyd

Managing Director

Founder and owner of Loud & Clear, Allan has over 25 years’ experience in high end hi-fi, home cinema, home automation and laterally home interiors and lighting design.

Die-hard Led Zeppelin fan, lover of all music from 70s Disco to Punk and minimal Detroit Techno, he also has taste for the finer things in life.

Though he won’t divulge his true age, Allan has an (almost) teenage daughter, and his partying days are a distant memory. He does however still indulge his other two loves in his spare time: motorcycles (a little slower than in his heyday) and snowboarding (with less big air).


Allan’s One LP is: Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

“I had never heard anything like it – Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures  literally changed the way I listen to and appreciate music.

First time I heard Unknown Pleasures was at a house party when I was around 14 .One of my pals arrived with it and we sat in a corner – commandeered the hi-fi and  played it on repeat – much to the horror of the rest of the party. It felt like my music, of my time and something that I had discovered.

It’s darkness and it’s driving rhythm just connected with me – prior to Joy Division my preference was for intricate melody and indulgent guitar solos – Unknown Pleasures changed all that and I became a slave to that rhythm and the atmosphere it created. Bleak, beautiful and haunting.

It’s still one of those albums that I return to on those evenings when I can’t quite decide what to listen to – and it never fails to deliver.”