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Simple yet powerful

Today’s homes are full of intricate systems and complex technology; TVs in mirrors, lighting adjusting as we move, video streams from everywhere, fridges talking to us and room temperature controlled from another country.

For us though, the most interesting evolution of recent years hasn’t been new technologies; it’s been how we interact with them. Our smartphones and tablets have become the solution to just about every problem we never knew we had, largely because of their interface.

We integrate the functions of your home and put them in the palm of your hand.

Our dedicated installation team of five have been designing, installing and commissioning  smart home projects for over 15 years. Here are some examples of our work:

Case Studies

Control4 living room

Loud & Clear lighting scenes

Control4 Neeo Remote Control


Your home ambience is determined not only by decor and furnishings, but by how these are lit and subdued as room functions change.

8am – getting the children up, dressed, fed and out requires functional lighting, focused on the breakfast bar.

9pm in the evening – time for something warmer and more sophisticated. Lose the harsh overhead lighting and bring up the wall lights while controlling the table lamps on the console

11pm – set a scene which lights your way gently to bed – then press “Whole House Off”.

Rako is one of our main lighting control solutions. Straightforward to install, simple to program and easy to use. Wall mounted keypads with pre-programmed scenes, combined with an easy to use smartphone app.

Rako can even record your previous weeks lighting habits and play then when you’re away from home.

As with your lighting, enhancing a room can be achieved simply and elegantly with motorised blinds and curtains from our Silent Gliss or QMotion ranges.




Rako Lighting

Silent Gliss

Loud & Clear consultation


Control4 kitchen

Home cinema room

Control4 Neeo Remote Control

The Process

Let us inspire you in our showroom, where we invite you to a hands-on experience of the products and technologies that we specify, install and programme.

We can discuss and review your plans then overlay our smarthome systems design onto your existing blueprints or architects’ drawings. Throughout the project we dovetail with your on-site trades teams to ensure that your smarthome infrastructure is neatly and elegantly incorporated.

As your build nears completion we begin to install your hardware – what you’ll see, hear and touch – and once your decor is complete we dot the Is, cross the Ts and conduct a straightforward handover for you and your family.

Populating your home with the latest and greatest gadgets is appealing – we’ve amassed several lifetimes’ worth across the Loud & Clear team. Making your technology a pleasure to use however, is far more important.

With a Loud & Clear programmed Control4 system at home you’ll have the choice of conventional but simple remote handsets, with the app running on your phone or tablets. There is no simpler way of controlling your smarthome and entertainment.

We turn the features and commands you regularly use into “shortcuts”, so that you can quickly start a film, drop the blinds and dim the lights, for example; draw the curtains and set the room temp or mute the blaring music from the teenager’s bedroom so they will hear you shouting at them.

It’s how we operate our cinema rooms in the store – just pop in to try it out.

All Loud & Clear smarthome installations include comprehensive, ongoing support and warranties to the client and their family.

If you’ve acquired a property with a smarthome installation, whether installed by us or someone else, please call (0141 221 0221, option 2) to discuss your needs, or email installsupport@loud-clear.co.uk.

Sonos multiroom

Linn Series 3

Linn Series 3

Linn App


Using our homes more dynamically than ever before means entertaining the whole family throughout it becomes more desirable.

When simply dotting around a few bluetooth speakers isn’t sufficient, consider a discrete multiroom music or TV system for multiple zones.

We design and install bespoke packages, from discrete soundbars (dramatically improving sound from your TV and streaming your favourite radio and Spotify playlists), to whole-home flush mounted ceiling and wall speakers which access a centralised music server controllable from your tablet or phone.

Choose relevant performance levels and specifications for the differing needs of each room and we’ll show you how to use them as simply as can be.



Bowers & Wilkins




Ian's Transit Custom Nov 22 (2)

Support and Maintenance

All Loud & Clear installations include comprehensive ongoing support and warranties.

Our team of programmers, installers and fixers are on-hand and on the road to deal with any issues you may have, even if you’ve just forgotten how to switch something on.

For any queries, please call (0141 221 0221, option 2) to discuss your needs, or email installsupport@loud-clear.co.uk.