14 June 2012    |    New products

Simple Audio Multi-Room HD Music System

Simple Audio is the new affordable HD music system that can work wirelessly throughout your home, without any annoying drop outs from a Wi-Fi network.
It will stream 24 bit music files, giving you the opportunity to play studio master high resolution files without spending thousands of pounds on the higher end players.
Control can be through Simple Audio’s desktop software, or from an iPhone or iPad app. All major formats are compatible: FLAC, WAV, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF & AAC.
Using Powerline Communications technology the Simple Audio can stream audio throughout your home via the mains supply using a HomePlug module. This doesn’t interfere with your network (wired or wireless), so leaving you to surf the web with no problems, and have perfect sound distributed to the rooms that need it.
Available is in two configurations; with and without a built in amplifier:
Roomplayer I with build in amplifier; which can simply be connected to a pair of speakers – £600
Roomplayer II stand alone player that connects into an existing system – £500
Both Edinburgh and Glasgow are Simple Audio dealers and have the players on demonstration.