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Voice 22


MOON by Simaudio’s first ever loudspeaker and its a beauty! Voice 22 standmounts look stunning and pack a real punch.

Voice 22 deliver the renowned rich and natural MOON sonic signature, the class-leading drivers feature sleek baffles and beautifully machined bezels for a graceful appearance and the new Hover Base adds stability and allows Voice 22 to be placed on virtually any furniture without leaving a mark.

And until 31st Jul 2022, there is a special package price of Voice 22 with Ace all in one of £5,700, saving £450. Call for details – 0141 221 0221.

Dedicated Voice 22 stands will be available in late summer.

This product qualifies for free, remote installation by one of our technicians.

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Voice 22 Loudspeakers
At Simaudio, we are proud to announce that for the first time, it is possible to own a complete MOON system, from the source all the way to the loudspeaker. The MOON Voice 22 loudspeakercompletes the realization of our dream to offer an all-MOON music system with our own voice.

The Voice 22 loudspeaker delivers the renowned rich and natural signature MOON sound with a precise clarity that will delight any music lover. The wide soundstage allows every small detail to flourish and for the deep, clean bass to expand.

The enclosure employs a unique patent-pending technology called CGD (Curved Groove Damping) to control the panel resonances of the loudspeaker. Strategically placed braces control panel resonances and a sculpted groove filled with damping material runs through the interior walls.

This makes the lengths between edges different at any point on the surface, limiting panel resonance and improving the sound, free from cabinet coloration. The bass extension and definition are extremely impressive and enjoyable, especially for such a compact loudspeaker.

The Voice 22 is the perfect fit for all systems, especially those in the MOON 200 – 300 ranges.

From now on, immerse yourself in the ultimate MOON sound experience!

MOON by SImaudio-Voice_22


  • For the first time, MOON has its own authentic voice
  • Renowned MOON sound quality
  • Premium materials and industry-leading technologies
  • Perfect partner for the MOON ACE, as well as all 200- through 300-series amplifiers
  • Unique patent-pending MOON technology: CGD (Curved Groove Damping)
  • Modern enclosure design with a classic twist recalling Simaudio’s 1980 genesis
  • Choice of black or white modern finishes with removable magnetic cloth grilles complement any décor
  • A unique ‘floating’ appearance thanks to the Hover Base
  • Elegant custom-made loudspeaker stands for steady support and enhanced room-filling sound (optional)
  • Renowned MOON 10-year warranty



Tweeter : 29mm soft dome with waveguide
Woofer : 155mm mineral-filled polypropylene cone
Sensitivity : 89dB/2.83V/1m
Nominal Impedance : 6Ω
Recommended Power : 50W – 150W
Frequency Response (±3dB) : 55Hz – 24kHz
Frequency Range (-6dB) : 45Hz – 30kHz
Crossover : 1.5kHz
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 20cm x 35cm x 29cm
Weight : 10.5kg

MOON by SImaudio-Voice_22 and Ace

MOON by SImaudio-Voice_22 and Ace