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SignatureX ARAY Power cable


New for 2022, SignatureX Power cable is the latest addition to Chord’s time-proven favourite Signature range.

Handmade in the Wiltshire factory, SignatureX features Chord’s proprietary ARAY mechanical tuning technology, plus the latest XLPE insulation, directly replacing the previous Signature ARAY power cable, with significantly heavier-gauge conductors, offering lower resistance and improved efficiency, a high-quality foil with high-density braid screen, plus a PVC outer jacket.

SignatureX’s heavy-gauge multi-strand OFC copper conductors with ARAY geometry are terminated with custom-designed IEC and outlet connectors, which are engineered with silver-plated external and internal contacts for maximum performance.

The new SignatureX comes with Chord Company’s Lifetime Warranty and is available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 metre lengths.


A revelation in musical coherence – putting the performance first.

Launched in 1998 and Chord’s first interconnect to use serious shielding. Signature was the result of intensive research into high-frequency interference and the design has influenced every cable that Chord has developed since.  Signature Tuned ARAY cables are assembled by hand – a process that allows further enhancement via Chord’s unique ARAY technology.

SignatureX Power cable
SignatureX Power cable is designed, hand built and tested in the UK and benefits from the latest XLPE insulation as found in many of our speaker cables. This provides a consistently high-quality performance in any environment and across all audio/video applications.

Alongside the unique Chord Company ARAY geometry this upgraded mains cable features significantly heavier-gauge conductors meaning less resistance and greater efficiency.

The IEC and outlet connectors (including those of our own design) are specified with silver-plated external and internal contacts for maximum performance.

The common domestic environment is full of HF noise generated by multiple sources such as mobile phones, wi-fi, bluetooth etc. SignatureX Power comes equipped with a foil and high-density braid screen designed to keep as much of this interference away from audio and video signals.

SignatureX Power is the perfect complement to the multi-award-winning Signature range of high-end analogue and digital cables. A long-standing audiophile favourite and an intrinsic part of Chord Company lore.

Chord Company SignatureX power cable