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Sarum T Super ARAY terminated speaker cable


Sarum T speaker cable is installed in our main demo room; we are BIG fans.

Aside from Chord’s reference cabling, ChordMusic, Sarum T is simply the best cable loom around. It oozes musicality and exquisite detail whilst timing is as perfect as anything we’ve heard. The performance leap from Sarum to Sarum T with Chord’s proprietary insulation material, Taylon®, is massive. And it works equally brilliantly with everything we’ve thrown at it.


Sarum T speaker cable
The original Chord Sarum was our most invisible speaker cable, designed (like all Chord cables) to have minimal effect on the audio signal. Every element of the build needs to be considered.

Sarum T builds on the success of its award-winning predecessor and introduces our breakthrough proprietary insulation material, Taylon®, bringing a major performance upgrade. Sarum T brings the remarkable benefits of our proprietary dielectric at a new, more accessible price level. Previous generations of Sarum Super ARAY cables have featured a PTFE dielectric. The upgrade to Taylon® introduces a raft of performance benefits.

Dedicated bi-wire links are also available, which replace the pressed metal links supplied with bi-wire loudspeakers.

We have demonstration sets of cable that you can take home and try. When you do try it, just remember that it’s your music collection you’re listening to, not your hi-fi and not the speaker cable.

Chord Company Sarum T speaker cable

Technical Specifications

Conductor High purity, silver-plated, polished OFC
Insulation Taylon
Configuration Twisted pair
Shielding Individually shielded positive and minus conductors. Silver-plated ribbon braid and heavy foil. Polyethylene outer jacket
AWG 12
mm2 2.63
Diameter 2 x 8.5mm