Radikal 2 for LP12


Radikal 2 is the finest power supply engineered to date by Linn, incorporating technological advancements to deliver hyper-accurate speed management technology, which generates sustained, uniform rotation closer to 33⅓rpm than any turntable.

New Radikal improves in all three critical areas:
Motor Control – new FPGA-managed motor control unit (MCU) and latest motor technology means ultra-smooth rotation;
Motor – a DC motor design that generates negligible electromagnetic interference; all-new housing decoupling the motor from the deck more effectively; lower noise voltage regulators and smaller components;
Power supply – improved board design incorporates whisper-quiet power supply rails, shorter signal paths, smaller componentry and minimal overall noise. These improvements makes everything electrically quieter and yield Linn’s all-time lowest noise floor.

Radikal 2 is of course the standard power supply for Klimax LP12 and is available in standard (Akurate) casework or machined (Klimax).

As with all Linn LP12 upgrades and components, this must be fitted by a qualified LP12 Specialist Retailer (Loud & Clear!). Get in touch to discuss.


In-store purchase only, please call 0141 221 0221 or email glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk to reserve/enquire.

33.333333 is the magic number
Linn’s new, reference turntable power supply features hyper-accurate speed management technology; generating sustained, uniform rotation closer to 33⅓rpm than any turntable.

You’ll experience even more of your music, in perfect pitch, thanks to a digitally managed motor control and the latest, precision-engineered motor technology. It’s this harmonious partnership of mechanical and electrical engineering which results in new Radikal’s peerless, hyper-accurate rotation.

The improved board design at the heart of new Radikal incorporates whisper-quiet power supply rails, coupled with the use of smaller, more modern components – yielding our all-time lowest noise floor. These quieter, regulated supply rails not only provide impeccably pure power to the motor, but have the added halo effect of making Linn’s Urika phono stages sound even better.

Radikal’s cutting-edge motor design generates negligible electromagnetic interference, effectively eliminating it as a source of distortion. To make things mechanically quieter than ever, an all-new acoustic housing decouples the motor from the deck more effectively. The motor itself features smaller, lower-noise components, making everything electrically quieter than ever too.

New Radikal is available in a machined Klimax enclosure (anodised either black or silver) or a standard enclosure (powder painted black or silver).

Linn Klimax Radikal 2

Linn Klimax Radikal 2

Radikal 2 Motor

Linn Radikal 2 Motor

Linn Standard Radikal 2

Linn Standard Radikal 2

Radikal Key Features

  • External power supply for LP12 and Urika internal phono stages
  • Brushed DC motor
  • Speed management system checks and adjusts speed on every rotation
  • Dual speed: 33⅓/45 rpm
  • Whisper-quiet supply rails provide impeccably pure power to DC motor