Series 3 Wireless Speaker


The latest addition to Loud & Clear’s wireless speaker ’boutique’, Linn Series 3 is the best sounding product we’ve heard in this class. Choose this single Series 3 (301) or make it sound even better by partnering with a second ‘partner’ (302) in stereo mode.

This product qualifies for free, remote installation by one of our technicians.

Dimensions: 250mm (W) x 296mm (H) x 206mm (D)
Weight: 6.9kg

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Series 3 – the wireless speaker that brings your music to life in incredible detail, getting you closer to the original performance than ever before. It is Linn’s first fully integrated wireless speaker; a simple, all-in-one unit that exudes elegance in every way, fitting seamlessly into your home and enhancing everyday life with exceptional musical clarity that will surprise and delight.

Series 3 is high end in every way – in audio performance, design, appearance and simplicity of use.

Blending timeless elegance with precision engineering, its beauty isn’t just skin deep: its flowing curves and natural materials have been carefully selected for their audio properties, ensuring that the Series 3 is a feast for the ears as well as the eyes.

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, your own music collection… wherever your music comes from, Series 3 will make you fall in love with it all over again.

For an even more immersive listening experience, add a partner speaker to create a stereo system. The speakers are perfectly sized to sit either side of a TV on a media cabinet, and connected via HDMI your TV will sound even better than before.

As with all Linn DSM systems, multiple Series 3 speakers can be connected around the home to play independently or together, all with the same simple control options.

And with simple plug and play setup, it doesn’t require specialist installation – just take it home, plug it in and start listening to your favourite tracks as you’ve never hear them before.

It’s designed to fit seamlessly anywhere in your home and provide room-filling sound, enhancing everyday life with exceptional musical clarity that will surprise and delight. It all becomes clear when you hear it.

Linn Series 3

Linn Series 3

Technical Specification:

Main Features: Wireless integrated Linn DSM player, On board amps, Exakt digital crossover
Speaker Type: 2-way
Inputs: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, Exakt Link
Audio formats: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, MP3, WMA (except lossless), AIFF, AAC, OGG
Resolution: Up to 24-bit 192 kHz
Space Optimisation: Compatible
On-board Amps: 2 x 100W Class-D
Power consumption: 95 W (max)
Standby consumption: 11 W
Crossover: Exakt linear phase digital
Bass system: Augmented infinite baffle
Drive Units: Tweeter: 19mm silk dome, Bass/Mid: 160 mm long throw
Cabinet finish: White mineral casting
Grille finish: Chrome
Cabinet volume: 6.5 litres
Max SPL: 101 dB
Dimensions: W: 250mm, H: 296mm, D: 206mm
Weight: 6.9 kg

Linn Series 3 Wireless Loudspeaker-Loud and Clear, HiFi, Glasgow, Scotland

Linn Series 3 Wireless Loudspeaker