Keel LP12 subchassis


Providing ultimate rigidity and stability to an LP12, Linn’s Keel subchassis is a machined-from-solid billet of aluminium which replaces separate subchassis, armboard and arm collar and is designed to have exactly the same mass and centre of gravity as those three components combined. Keel is fitted as standard on Klimax-level LP12.

Keel delivers a massive leap in performance from separate components, allowing your LP12 to extract, retain and ultimately playback the maximum amount of music.

As with all Linn LP12 upgrades and components, this must be fitted by a qualified LP12 Specialist Retailer (Loud & Clear!). Get in touch to discuss.


In-store purchase only, please call 0141 221 0221 or email glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk to reserve/enquire.

Keel – Machined from solid aluminium
Linn’s one-piece, integrated sub-chassis, armboard and tonearm collar takes your turntable to the next level of performance.

Machined from a solid piece of aluminium, Keel provides extremely rigid support to the tonearm and platter. Screws, fixings and joins between each component have been eliminated; removing virtually all vibration. All you will hear is your music.

Keel integrates seamlessly with the suspension system of every Sondek LP12 turntable. It has been engineered to maintain the same mass and centre of gravity as achieved with a separate sub-chassis, armboard and collar.

Linn Keel LP12 Subchassis

Key features

  • Machined from solid aluminium
  • Integrated armboard and tonearm collar
  • Varying ‘pocket’ depths for consistent centre of gravity
  • Available for Ekos SE & Ekos tonearms and pre-drilled for Ittok