Gemini, pre-owned


Isotek Gemini 4-way mains conditioner in good condition, 2 available. No original packaging but will be securely packed.


From Istotek:
This sophisticated unit eliminates product cross contamination through sophisticated shunt filters coupled with our proprietary gating system and our ‘Polaris-x’ technology. the compact design also offers easy ‘plug-n-play’ installation and can be safely used with all components. a high quality IEC inlet allows owners to choose their preferred brand of mains cable, ideally these should be the same throughout the system. the unit also has a dedicated earth post, which is particularly useful in earthing other components. finally there is a fully suppressed led indicator showing the unit is powered and ready to perform. we strongly recommend that a good quality mains cable is used and this cable is consistent throughout your system. look for a cable with good conductors, for example oxygen free copper, this cable should also have a high degree of shielding from RFI.

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