Chord Company

Epic Digital Streaming cable


Epic is fourth in The Chord Company’s line up of ranges and where it starts getting really serious. These aptly-named cables will raise musical performance to another level and are our go-to for mid-range separates.

Epic streaming cables are specifically designed to partner networked music streamers and deliver a huge performance leap from both standard network/CAT 6/7 and Shawline cables. Epic works brilliantly with network players like Naim NDX2, Linn Akurate or MOON 390.

Here is not the place for the science, but you will hear the improvement trust us. Optimal placement is the ‘last hop’ for data i.e. usually network switch to streamer.

Available in 1m, 3m or 5m as standard, other lengths on request.


The Epic streaming cable has been developed for use with digital audio streaming components – we can’t call them Ethernet cables because they’re not the same.

Ethernet cables don’t use high quality silver-plated conductors, high speed insulation materials, high density separate pair shielding or high density overall shielding. Neither do they use Chord’s unique Tuned ARAY conductor geometry.

It uses a high precision RJ45 connector with gold-plated contacts modified to enable direct soldering of the conductors to the contact pins.

The Chord Company started experimenting with their streaming cables soon after the first streamers entered the hi-fi market in the 00s. Successful early trials led to Chord adapting the Tuned ARAY conductor concept to work with streaming cables.

The Epic streaming cable can help your system sound musically coherent, involving and detailed. Chord don’t produce any product that doesn’t add to the musical experience, so put any preconceptions to one side, borrow one and have a listen.

Technical specification:
New Tuned ARAY conductor geometry – optimised for use with audio streaming systems
Silver-plated conductors with unique hard skin PE insulation
Individually shielded twisted pair conductor configuration plus overall high frequency effective shield
Fitted with high precision, high speed performance gold-plated RJ45 connectors
All connections soldered
Tuned ARAY conductor geometry
Built by hand at The Chord Company
10 Year Warranty