Ekstatik MC


Linn’s new reference moving coil cartridge, launched in late 2021, Ekstatik is the pinnacle of Linn’s near fifty year LP12 engineering heritage and a truly outstanding cartridge. Ekstatik retrieves more information from the vinyl groove than any other cartridge we have heard. Simply phenomenal sounding, Ekstatik is more than worthy of it’s ‘Flagship’ status.

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Ekstatik – All-new, flagship moving coil cartridge
In order to make Linn’s best cartridge ever, the LP12 creators went back to the drawing board, researching all aspects of cartridge design and construction. Extensive experiments were conducted; auditioning different materials and configurations for the body, inserts, cantilever, suspension, windings and leads. The result is Ekstatik – the new jewel in the crown of the Linn cartridge range.

Key features

  • Linn’s highest-performance cartridge
  • Aluminium-bronze inserts
  • Micro-ridge stylus on sapphire cantilever
  • Machined honeycomb 7075 aluminium body
  • Triple-point mounting system for accurate geometry
  • Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coated chassis

Ekstatik sets a new bar for arm/cartridge synergy; it’s unique construction forges a harmonious synergy with Ekos SE; wicking away more unwanted resonances along the arm and out through the sub-chassis.

Linn’s experimentation with materials led to the implementation of aluminium-bronze inserts. Now a feature of Ekstatik, these inserts reap the sonic benefits Linn found this alloy to possess.

With a bespoke honeycomb cut into the cartridge body, Ekstatik is skeletonised so that overall mass is reduced to Linn’s preferred sweet spot of close to 7g.

A micro-ridge stylus on a sapphire cantilever makes for an extraordinarily responsive cartridge. The sapphire cantilever is far stiffer than boron or aluminium, resulting in less loss between the stylus and the generator.

The overall result is an agile, responsive cartridge with the added performance yielded from specifying these materials; masterfully matched in unique configurations.

Ekstatik on Ekos SE dem room

Ekstatik on LP12 Ekos SE Loud & Clear dem room

Technical Specifications

Stylus Type: Micro-ridge
Cantilever: Sapphire
Pin Connection Type: Flying wire with termination clips – 1.2mm, gold
Mounting Points: 3
Coil Wire: Copper 4N
Output Voltage: 0.45mV @ 3.54cm/s
Recommended Load: 100 Ω
Recommended Capacitance: 1nF
Tracking Force: 2.0g
Cartridge Mass: 7g

Linn Ekstatik MC cartridge on Klimax LP12

Linn Ekstatik MC cartridge on Klimax LP12