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ChordMusic Power cable


It doesn’t get any better than ChordMusic power cable. Expensive, yes, but extra special, high end systems deserve extra special cabling, and ChordMusic is just that.

Chord’s flagship mains power cable is the most complex Chord design yet and offers the highest level of materials and build possible. And that results in the best performance ever.

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The Chord Company’s mission is to make cables that carry analogue or digital signals as accurately as possible and to ensure that it never loses sight of the real joy of musical involvement. The emotional connection, a feeling of “being there”, of timbre, melody and rhythm. Most of all, the profound sense of satisfaction and well-being that listening to music can bring.

ChordMusic cables can do this, thanks to a combination of advanced shielding materials, expertly engineered connectors, unique Super ARAY conductor technology and Chord’s exclusive Taylon® insulation. No amount of tech-talk can do it justice! But we’ll try…

Chord Company ChordMusic power cable

Chord’s Flagship mains cable uses the highest possible level of materials and build techniques. ChordMusic cables are an hybrid design using differing internal cables, shielding and ARAY designs.  Enormous attention has been focussed on materials and shielding to ensure the lowest possible noise floor on the earth conductor.  All the internal elements use Taylon® insulation rather than PTFE. This insulation, combined with our optimum shielding design, redefines the maximum possible musical performance that we can offer with power connections.

The design also uses a uniquely modified version of Chord’s Super ARAY technology, specifically developed for the ChordMusic power cable. All in all, the finest and most complex of our power cables. During our own listening tests we have been pleasantly surprised at the significant changes to the final musical performance.

Power cables are one of the most overlooked connections in a system;  at this level of performance, we feel it is crucial for you to hear for yourself the musical differences that this cable will make to your system.

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