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ChordMusic 2RCA to 2RCA pair


The epitome of Chord Company engineering, ChordMusic analogue RCA is the best interconnect we have heard. Or not heard to be more accurate. ChordMusic lets all of the music through, and loses what sounds to our ears like, well, nothing.

Unbelievably transparent, ChordMusic will transform even the best of the best systems.

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ChordMusic Analogue RCA
ChordMusic is the most transparent cable we’ve heard. So clear that we could hear each change we made. First we tried a material designed to minimise mechanical noise. The original prototype RCA was astonishing just as it was, but we were curious.  The noise reduction material bought extra clarity and silence, which improved further when we fitted a lightweight, external silver-plated braid over the cable assembly.

ChordMusic also features a unique insulation material we call Taylon® – designed as an improvement to the widely used PTFE.   Taylon® is phase stable and that stability, combined with our unique Super ARAY geometry, means we can take cable performance to a completely new level.

The lessons we’ve learned over the past few years have been both glorious and somewhat sobering. Glorious because the Tuned ARAY and the Super ARAY conductor designs can transform the sound from turntables, CD players and streaming devices into music that sounds real, believable and emotionally involving. Sobering because the Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY conductor designs explicitly show just how much more conventional cables designs can blunt the potential performance of pretty much any audio system.

Chord Company ChordMusic RCA interconnect cable

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