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Signature Bi-Wire Speaker Links with ChordOhmic Connectors


Chord Signature speaker (or bridging) links are designed to replace the gold-plated links  used to connect speaker terminals on bi-wireable speakers. Built from a high-quality multi-stranded cable and fitted with ChordOhmic silver banana plugs or spade connectors, these can bring startling improvements to sound quality, particularly in terms of timing and coherence.

The design is based closely on the Chord Signature Reference speaker cable, Sig links are easy to fit and perfectly complement SignatureX speaker cable, but will work equally well with any speaker cable.

Chord Company Signature Bi-Wire Speaker Links with ChordOhmic Connectors

Signature bi-wire speaker links
An instant upgrade over the basic wire or pressed metal versions, commonly found bridging the inputs on bi-wire speakers. Featuring the latest, hi-tech ChordOhmic 4mm plugs/spades.

Signature. A revelation in musical coherence – putting the performance first.
Launched in 1998 and Chord’s first interconnect to use serious shielding. Signature was the result of intensive research into high-frequency interference and the design has influenced every cable that Chord has developed since.  Signature Tuned ARAY cables are assembled by hand – a process that allows further enhancement via Chord’s unique ARAY technology.