Arko tonearm


Linn’s first new tonearm since 2006 and integral to the Linn Selekt LP12, Arko takes technology from Linn’s reference Ekos SE tonearm and uses 7075-grade aluminium throughout to minimise resonance.

Arko is precision-engineered gimballed tonearm, hand-built in Glasgow and an excellent addition to the range. Our first impressions in our listening room were superb and especially when combined with Kendo MC cartridge, as Linn’s design engineers intended.

As with all Linn LP12 upgrades and components, this must be fitted by a qualified LP12 Specialist Retailer (Loud & Clear!). Get in touch to discuss.

In-store purchase only, please call 0141 221 0221 or email glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk to reserve/enquire.

With Arko, Linn has returned to fundamentals, by removing all bar the mission-critical elements of tonearm design, boiling these down to their essence, and then honing what was left to superlative standards. Perfectly poised and rigorously refined, Arko is effortful simplicity.

This tonearm features an ultra-stable gimbal platform which facilitates superb bearing concentricity and alignment. Its arm wand travels in space with minimum hindrance; the affixed cartridge bobs and moves with the warps and grooves of the record, with finesse and fluidity.

Special care and effort was taken to ensure that 7075-grade aluminium would be used exclusively throughout the arm wand assembly – from headshell to gimbal – with the resultant material synergy and coupling effectively banishing undesirable resonances away from the delicate generator, and out through the sub-chassis.

Marry Arko to its perfect partner, Linn’s aluminium-bodied Kendo moving coil cartridge, and this energy transfer is improved yet further.

Linn_Selekt LP12_3Q_closeup_WR

Linn_Arko Tonearm_Closeup_WR

Key features

  • 7075-grade aluminium used throughout arm wand, to produce superb resonant behaviour
  • Machined headshell with weight reduction pockets for increased agility
  • Cold-drawn 7075 aluminium arm tube produced to exceedingly high tolerances and accuracy
  • Gimballed design results in improved depth, impact, and emotion conveyed
  • Machined stainless-steel counterweight decreases arm wand inertia
  • Single piece, polished stainless-steel through-spindle for improved alignment and stability