19 March 2013    |    Shop news


Riverside were mentioned to me by a fellow fan of music (you know who you are) and although I had checked out their previous efforts, I hadn’t really connected with what they were doing. Until now. This music fan mentioned during an exchange of e-mails that he was spinning their new record (yes, the actual 12 inch black plastic version), and it was enough to make me fire it up for a quick listen. I soon found it on repeat for the next couple of days. And playing regularly after that.
I couldn’t agree more with a comment someone made regarding this album, saying that it was like ‘the same band but in a different mood’. And although it seems like a contradiction, they sound more mature and yet more playful at the same time. It’s a combination that really suits them.
Long-time fans of some bands can have a tendency to feel alienated due to even the smallest change in direction (Opeth anyone?) but I can’t help but think that if you don’t like it, then there’s usually a whole back catalogue (4 albums with extras, a couple of EP’s and a live DVD in this case) for you to go back to. That’s how they’ve earned the right to try something new. And also why it’s called ‘Progressive’ rock.
See you down by the river at https://riversideband.pl/en
p.s. Not that it matters but theses guys are (surprisingly) Polish.
p.p.s. I saw them in Glasgow on Saturday night on their first ever visit to Scotland. And they ROCKED IT!