12 March 2013    |    Latest, Music

Quest For Fire

Forming from the remnants of other bands might be how Quest for Fire came by their ‘stoner rock’ tag. It’s a bit of a lazy generalisation and not all that accurate as far as I’m concerned. However, second album ‘Lights from Paradise’ could be labelled as stoned rock. With a psychedelic chaser and a side order of indie.
The band themselves say that it’s an homage to all their favourite music thrown into one big melting pot and if I didn’t know otherwise, I would almost swear that they were from the UK. Sure they can do the whole heavy guitar, big drums thing but they also excel on some of the lengthier, mellower pieces such as opening track “The Greatest Hits by God’ and central track ‘Confusion’s Home’ (which I was caught in a 10 minute swirling ball of when I saw them).
So I was sad to hear recently that they had decided to call it a day and played their last ever show on the 15th February on their home turf in Toronto, Canada. It does however, make me doubly delighted that we made the effort to see them at last year’s Austin Psych Fest and I wish them every success in their chosen future projects…
Quest for crazy Canadians at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quest-for-Fire