15 July 2016    |    New products

Pioneer SE-Master 1 Headphones – Masterful Indeed

Pioneer SE-1

Pioneer SE-1

You would expect a company with a 50+ year history in headphone design and manufacturing to be pretty awesome at it by now; and judging by Pioneer’s latest creation, you would be absolutely right. Their flagship SE-Master 1 headphones are one of the best we’ve heard.
5 years in development, the Pioneer SE-Master 1 headphones are certainly worth the wait. Each pair is assembled by a master craftsman at the Tohoku Pioneer Plant in Japan and that attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the finished product.

The SE-1s produce a clarity of sound seldom achieved by headphones – superb audio reproduction with real power behind the bass and precise detail at higher frequencies. And just as important, they are supremely comfortable. Three of our most discerning headphone customers have already replaced their existing – and more expensive – pairs with SE-1s.

Handcrafted from a combination of duralumin and aluminium, with soft leather ear pads the SE-1s feature newly developed 50mm driver units with a Parker Ceramic Coating helping to reduce distortion, add rigidity, enhance its natural performance and deliver excellent sound quality. The result is high resolution sound across all frequencies with minimum noise.

The diaphragm’s edges are ribbed and made with a sturdy poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) film to deliver a smooth sound and reduce distortion.
Pioneer specialists used computer aided engineering (CAE) to select, prototype and test the best materials for the diaphragm and magnetic circuits, ensuring superb sound characteristics and clarity.
Rubber is inserted in the links between the base, housing and hanger parts to prevent vibrations and interference. This floating structure also improves separation between left and right to deliver an enhanced sound stage.
3.5mm-thick aluminium alloy housing minimizes resonance from the driver units to produce an accurate sound with a clearly defined, tight bass and high-res mids and highs.
The headband and hanger parts use a super duralumin alloy to achieve a light, natural fit that lets you forget everything but the music you are immersed in.
The wide, suede-feel head cushion can be adjusted to 14 different positions, giving you excellent comfort and stability.
Innovative three dimensional ear pads adapt to fit your contours thanks to a proprietary design using two thicknesses of memory foam- thin at the front and thick at the back. The ear cups are covered with a soft leather-type material for extra comfort.
The SE-Master 1s feature the industry’s first detachable lateral pressure rods, enabling you to choose your preferred headband tension. Simply change the tension rod to achieve strong or weak lateral pressure and enjoy superb sound isolation and comfortable wear over long periods.
The robust cord uses a detachable MMCX type connector so you can replace the cord as needed. The cord is cloth-wrapped between the plug and the branch, and coated with lead-free PVC from the branch to the ear cup- to reduce touch noise, increase strength, and eliminate tangles.