16 August 2012    |    New products

New NaimUniti 2

Naim are continuing to push things forward. By overhauling their ranges they are ensuring that they remain at forefront of world class hi-fi. The most recent upgrade has been to the hugely popular Uniti.
Imagine everything audio in one place: integrated amplifier, CD player, DAB/FM tuner, internet radio, iPod, iPhone and iPad dock, digital-to-analogue converter and high-resolution 24bit/192kHZ capable network stream player. And now combine all that with legendary Naim musical quality, engineering integrity, design sophistication and interface know-how. Congratulations! You’ve just come up with the NaimUniti 2.
The Uniti 2 has a bigger amplifier (70w, as opposed to 50w in the original); ensuring that it can work with a wider range of loudspeakers and fill larger rooms with ease. There is a brand new CD section; with new tray, clamp, and DAC. Other improvements have been made to the signal path, so pushing the performance levels higher still.
Come in and have a listen to the NaimUniti 2 at the Glasgow shop. It’s on permanent display.
Retail price is £2,795.
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