3 July 2012    |    New products

MOON 810LP – The Best Phono Stage Ever?

We have taken delivery of the new reference MOON phono stage, the 810LP.
We can guarantee that you will never have heard your records properly till you have used the 810LP.
“The new state of the art 810LP. For many years as music lovers, we at Sim Audio wanted to have the opportunity to do the best phono playback system that today’s technology permits.  We wanted a project where no restriction limits the goal to bring all the emotion that the artist and sound engineer wanted to generate with a piece of music and get it straight to you in your living room, and we have done it… Listen and feel for yourself, the emotion, soul and power of music will reach you…”
Jean Poulin, CEO of Sim Audio
All the technical details and specifications can be found here. You should also check out Tone Audio’s review
We’ve already had some stunning feedback from the demonstrations that we’ve conducted so far.
Please get in touch with either the Edinburgh or Glasgow shop to book a demonstration.
This is truly world class hi-fi, and in a league of its own. I think we may be gushing a bit on this, but really, you NEED to hear this!