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Quadraspire Q4 Evo bamboo wall bracket

Quadraspire LP12 Qube cherry

Team Loud & Clear - Barbra glegg

Naim system on quadraspire x-reference, southside showroom

Quadraspire X-Reference hifi rack

Quadraspire SVT performance hifi rack

Top quality audio components sound best when they are sited appropriately, on surfaces that minimise resonance and vibrations. Quadraspire founder Eddie Spruit recognised this and launched the company in 1995, addressing the issue with the Q4 HiFi rack – still sold around the world today.

Quadraspire has expanded and improved it’s range of stands and turntable wall shelves since, by researching and listening to different materials and shapes to further enhance performance. X-Reference is the pinnacle of Quadraspire engineering, lifting the performance of each component to an unsurpassed level. Loud & Clear reference systems use X-Reference supports throughout.

All Quadraspire products are made at it’s own factory in Hallatrow, near Bath, England, where engineers use the latest technology to make all the wood and metal components.