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KEF LS50 Wireless II


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KEF LS50 wireless speakers

KEF LS50 wireless

KEF was founded by Raymond Cooke OBE (1925-1995) in 1961, making it one of Britain’s longest established Hi-fi brands and was originally located in an old Nissan hut on the premises of Kent Engineering and Foundry, hence the name.

KEF’s history is littered with ground-breaking technologies and speakers – Celeste, LS3/5A designed specifically for the BBC, Model 104, Uni-Q range, Coda 7, KHT2005, 3005 and 9000, Blade and perhaps KEF’s most remarkable creations – Muon.

Current models in store include the magnificent Reference series, LS50 Wireless II and Meta and the full Ci-Range of speakers.

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