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Audio Origami PU7 Titanium

PU7 Ti on LP12

Audio Origami PU7

Audio Origami PU7 Titanium Koetsu Gold

PU7 Titanium + Koetsu Gold cartridge

Audio Origami PU7 black

Audio Origami tonearm cable for Linn or SME

Tonearm cable for Linn or SME

Audio Origami is the baby of our very good friend and colleague, John Nielson, where he utilises his incredible turntable knowledge and technical expertise to design and build his own tonearms and cables (when he’s not working as chief turntable tech at Loud & Clear)!

John started Audio Origami in 2007, his PU7 arm being awarded Hi-Fi World’s “Tonearm of the Year” that year. The PU7 has evolved and improved since, notably now incorporating a large braced headshell and a PU7 Ti version, which replaces the standard alloy arm tube with a titanium one. The Ti tube’s strength and rigidity make it ideal for high end moving coil cartridges. Both versions come in 3 sizes – 9″ Linn geometry, 9.5″ (Rega) and 12″.

As well as helping other companies develop certain areas of arm manufacture, Audio Origami also makes bespoke RCA cables – using the same high quality Super-OFC cable as the PU7.