10 April 2013    |    New products

Linn Sneaky DSM – Now available in Glasgow

The Glasgow store has the new super funky all-in-one Linn Sneaky DSM on demonstration.
The Sneaky DSM is a digital streamer; using the same high-end technology found in all Linn’s streaming products plus a built-in pre and power amplifer.
Along with the standard ethernet connection to hook up your music collection on hard drive, it has HDMI inputs; so you can connect your DVD player, games console, satellite receiver, plus more digital inputs (TOSLINK and S/PDIF). It also features an analogue input too.
It’s plug and play if you want to just add speakers to it in the beginning, or you may wish to upgrade later by adding a separate amplifier later on. Perhaps you might want to use it in another room when you already have a Linn DS in your main listening area.
Its entry price of £1,750 means it’s one of the most competitive products on the market – offering fantastic sound quality and functionality.
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