12 November 2020    |    New products, Latest

Linn Majik LP12 now with Krane tonearm

Linn Krane Tonearm

Linn Majik LP12 has been on hold for a couple of months now but will resume shipping in a little under 2 weeks, complete with new Krane tonearm and Karousel bearing and sounding better than ever.

Following the unfortunate closure of Jelco earlier in 2020 (Jelco were manufacturing the Majik tonearm) Linn worked swiftly with German turntable giants Clearaudio to design and develop a replacement arm, Krane.

Krane, based on upgrading an existing Clearaudio design to Linn’s specification, is now ready to go. From 23rd November all Majik LP12s will ship with Krane tonearm as well as the game-changing Karousel bearing upgrade as standard. New RRP is £3450 and orders are being taken now for delivery in time for Christmas.

Krane will be available to purchase as a standalone product in early 2021, pricing details and timescale to be confirmed.