6 July 2017    |    Shop news

Linn end service support for CD players

All good things must eventually come to an end and for Linn, the era of the CD player is over.
It’s been 8 years since Linn stopped producing CD players and they have now announced the end of service support for these legacy products. That includes all CD players – Genki, Ikemi, Akurate, etc.- as well as Unidisk and Classik products.
It’s not all bad news though. With Linn’s summer promotion, The Great Exchange, you can exchange your Linn CD player, or preamplifier, for a fixed discount off a new Linn product, up to £2000. And the old player doesn’t even have to be working! Until 31st August, receive:
£2000 against any Klimax product
£1000 against any Akurate product
£500 against any Majik product
in The Great Exchange.