21 May 2015    |    Shop news

Lights, coffee… action

Loud & Clear kitchen

We are delighted to announce that work is now complete on our fabulous new kitchen in the Glasgow store, featuring gorgeous colour-changing LED lighting by Rako, remarkable Amina invisible ceiling loudspeakers and most importantly, a swanky new coffee machine which makes delicious brews!
Glasgow’s crack installation team have transformed our somewhat bedraggled tea-making area into a pristine example of a contemporary, compact kitchen with intelligent lighting and integrated audio.
Completely invisible Amina IQ3 loudspeakers are hidden behind the plastered ceiling yet produce astonishing clarity of sound and performance. Amina speakers cleverly propagate sound through the whole ceiling and are bolstered by a discreet subwoofer (also hidden in-ceiling with small port).
Although small, our kitchen displays four discreet areas of Rako LED lighting, two colour-changing, which can be programmed as scenes or simply changed to our desired colour of the moment….a nice warming orange in the morning, more of a cool blue when things heat up in the shop!
A Sonos connect amp delivers music from our own collections, internet radio, streaming services such as Tidal or Spotify, whatever we are in the mood for, all at the touch of a button. With everything controllable from smartphone, tablet or other bespoke control unit we can make tea with one hand and choose music and lights with the other!
To see it all in action, or just to sample the new coffee, pop down to Loud and Clear at 520 St. Vincent Street.