29 August 2013    |    New products

Integrated Amplifiers at Loud & Clear – MOON, Rega, Primare & Naim

When you don’t want to take up too much space, and a two box amplifier is out of the question, then there are plenty of integrated amplifiers that can satisfy any budget, without sacrificing audio quality.
Both stores stock a broad range of integrated amplifiers with core brands MOON and Rega to be found in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Each store has their own specialist brands with Edinburgh also featuring Primare and Glasgow the full range of Naim Audio.
MOON by Sim Audio – Edinburgh & Glasgow

Moon have just given their integrated amplifier range a total overhaul with a new name too – Neo.
Neo 250i – £1,890
Neo 340i starting from £3,525 – optional extras include: a phono stage, DAC and balanced input stage.
The MOON Evolution range is where you’ll find their reference amplifiers with two integrated models proving that you don’t need to have a separate pre and power to obtain exceptional performance.
Evolution 600i – £6,450
Evolution 700i – £9,450
Rega – Edinburgh & Glasgow
Rega have provided us with one of our biggest sellers with their Brio-R amplifier. This is a fantastic starting point for anyone wanting to own a proper hi-fi amplifier without breaking the bank. Rega have recently brought out a revamped Elicit-R too.
Brio-R – £498
Elicit-R – £1,598
Primare – Edinburgh
The Edinburgh store have always loved the sound of Primare, and it’s not easy to understand why. Fabulously well made amplifiers from Scandinavia. Both models stocked have options to add internal upgrades: either a DAC in the I22 or media board that turns the I32 into a full digital streamer.
I22 – £1,250 or £1,590 with integrated DAC
I32 – £2,200 or £3,150 with media board that incorporates a full digital streamer
Naim Audio – Glasgow
Naim have been a core product in the Glasgow store since we opened in 1996. One of the UK’s most renowned hi-fi manufacturers. They have been upgrading their product range massively over the last little while, and remain focused on delivering world leading performance from their hi-fi products.
NAIT 5si – £925
NAIT XS 2 – £1,595
SUPERNAIT 2 – £2,750
All these products will give you many years of musical enjoyment. Get in touch with either store to arrange a demonstration or pop in and have a chat about your requirements.