12 December 2012    |    Shop news

Help yourself to an Audiophile Christmas – Ideal gifts for the hi-fi and home cinema connoisseur in your life

Big Sound from a ludicrously small box – the Foxl Platinum at £209 is the worlds best sounding pocket sized portable speaker. Enjoy with any music source with a 3.5mm headphone jack or stream wirelessly with a Bluetooth phone – mains powered or up to 20 hours battery life.
Can those old Cans – Loud & Clear stock a wide range of headphones from Grado, Hi-fi Man and Stax. The Grado SR80i are an in house favourite from only £125.
Upgrade the music stream from your laptop with a USB DAC – plug the audio output into your existing hi-fi via a USB DAC – great sound with all the convenience and all of your music stored in the one place with the Arcam Rpac from only £149.
Music on the Move – upgrade those freebie headphones which come with your Ipod, Iphone or other mobile devices with the new great looking and sounding EB 50 in ear buds from Musical Fidelity at £149

Its a Vinyl Renaissance – breathe some new life into those records with that old turntable in the loft – get your record player back on the road with a prepaid service voucher from around £50 (dependant on the turntable) and replacement cartridges in stock from Rega, Grado, Nagaoka Dynavector, Lyra and many more from around £70 – £7000.
Chord Active HDMI – transform the picture on your TV or Projector with what we believe to be the best HDMI cables around – varying lengths from 1.0m at £85 upwards